Chairman of Board

Kadirov Abduvaris Abduvasitovich

Birth date: 1973
Education: Higher
University: Tashkent State University of Economy
Speciality: Banking
Appointment date: 2018

Chairman of the Management Board

1. Organizes the work and effective interaction of production workshops, departments and other structural divisions of the JSC; directs their activities to achieve high rates of development and improvement of production, its compliance with the best world standards in order to fully meet the needs of the population in the relevant types of products; worldwide increase in labor productivity, production efficiency and product quality based on the widespread introduction of new equipment and advanced technology, scientific organization of labor production, improvement of the economic mechanism.

2. Ensures that the JSC fulfills the state order and direct contracts, according to the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the product renewal program, the capital construction plan, all obligations to the state budget, suppliers, customers and the bank.

3. Organizes the production and economic activities of the JSC on the basis of planning, normative material, financial and labor costs, wide dissemination of best practices, as well as maximum mobilization of production reserves, achieving high technical and economic indicators, worldwide improvement of the technical level and quality of products, rational and economic expenditure of all types of resources.

4. Takes measures to provide the JSC with qualified personnel, to make the best use of the knowledge and experience of employees, to create safe and favorable working conditions for them, to comply with the requirements of legislation on environmental protection and property of the JSC.

5. Together with public organizations and labor collectives, ensures the development, conclusion and implementation of a collective agreement, conducts work on the education of personnel, ensuring labor discipline, promotes the development of creative initiative and labor activity of workers and employees.

Director for Production, Localization, Expansion of Cooperative Relations in Industry

Smirnov Valeriy Dmitrovich

Born: 1967
Education: Higher education
University name: Tashkent Informatino Texnology University
Major: Electrocommunication
Appointment date: 2018


1) determines the technical policy and directions of technical development of the enterprise in a market economy, the ways of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing production, the level of specialization and diversification of production in the future;

2) provides the necessary level of technical preparation of production and its constant growth, increase of production efficiency and labor productivity, reduction of costs (material, financial, labor), rational use of production resources, high quality and competitiveness of manufactured products, works or services, compliance of manufactured products with current state standards, technical, as well as their reliability and durability;

3) manages the development of measures for the reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise, prevention of harmful effects of production on the environment, careful use of natural resources, creation of safe working conditions and improvement of technical culture of production;

4) organizes the development and implementation of plans for the introduction of new equipment and technology, organizational and technical measures, research and development work;

5) ensures the effectiveness of design solutions, timely and high-quality production preparation, technical operation, repair and modernization of equipment, achievement of high quality products in the process of its development and production;

6) Organizes work to improve the range and quality, improve and update products, work (services), equipment and technology, create fundamentally new competitive types of products. And also on the design and implementation of means of complex mechanization and automation of technological processes, control and testing of high-performance specialized equipment, the development of standards of labor intensity of products and norms of consumption of materials for their manufacture, consistent implementation of the mode of economy and cost reduction;

7) monitors compliance with design, engineering and technological discipline, rules and regulations on labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire safety, requirements of environmental, sanitary authorities, as well as bodies carrying out technical supervision;

Director of Finance

Quvvatov Qahramon Tursunmuhamadovich

Date of birth: 1967
Education: Higher
University Bukhara food and light production technological institut
Speciality: Engineer-technologist
Date of appointment: 2020

Director of Financial Affairs


1.1. Determines the financial policy of the company, develops and implements measures to ensure its financial stability.

1.2. Manages the financial management work based on the strategic goals and prospects of the company's development, to determine the sources of financing, taking into account market conditions.

1.3. Analyzes and evaluates financial risks, develops measures to minimize them, ensures control over compliance with financial discipline, timely and complete fulfillment of contractual obligations and income receipt, the procedure for registration of financial and economic transactions with suppliers, customers, credit organizations, as well as foreign economic activity operations.

1.4. Heads the work on the formation of the company's tax policy, tax planning and tax optimization, improvement of accounting policy, preparation and issuance of securities, analysis and evaluation of the investment attractiveness of projects and the feasibility of investing funds, regulation of the ratio of equity and debt capital.

1.5. Interacts with credit institutions on the placement of temporarily available funds, conducting transactions with securities, obtaining loans.

1.6. Manages the preparation of prospective and current financial plans and cash budgets, brings the indicators of the approved budget system and the tasks, limits and standards arising from it to the divisions of the organization, ensures control over their implementation.

Chief Accountant

Eshmamatov Abdumurov Maxmudovich

Date of birth: 1970
Eduction: Higher
University Tashkent Financial Institut
Speciality: Accounting and audit
Date of appointemnt: 2014

Chief accountant:

1. Organizes the accounting of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise and controls the economical use of material, labor and financial resources, the safety of the property of the enterprise.
2. Forms an accounting policy in accordance with the legislation on accounting, based on the structure and characteristics of the company's activities, the need to ensure its financial stability.
3. Heads the work on:

3.1. Preparation and adoption of the working chart of accounts, forms of primary accounting documents used for registration of business transactions for which standard forms of internal accounting documents are not provided.

3.2. Ensuring the procedure for conducting inventories.

3.3. Control over the conduct of business operations, compliance with the technology of processing accounting information and the order of document flow.

4. Provides:
4.1. Rational organization of accounting and reporting at the enterprise and in its divisions on the basis of maximum centralization of accounting and computing work and the use of modern technical means and information technologies, progressive forms and methods of accounting and control.

4.2. Formation and timely submission of complete and reliable accounting information about the company's activities, its property status, income and expenses.

4.3. Development and implementation of measures aimed at strengthening financial discipline.

Production Manager

Xolboyev Xursand Yulbarsovich

Date of birth: 1974
Eduction: Higher
University Tashkent Chemistry-Technology Institut
Specialty: Engineer-technologist
Date of appointment: 2018

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